We offer a high quality custom bronze casting service in lost wax casting progress. No matter your sculpture is a miniature or monumental size, the metal can be brass. bronze & sliver, and other metals if required–please contact us for details if your project requires alternative metal casting.

lost wax casting

Lost wax casting is also known as investment casting. The lost wax process allows anything that can be modeled in wax to be accurately transmuted into metal. We carve the wax patterns from special sculpture waxes designed to hold fine detail to sculptures. Most fine jewelry made from gold and sterling are made using lost wax casting, as it produces the highest detail. According to the characteristics of the product, we adopt different casting methods like Plaster mold casting, Silica Sol Lost Wax Casting, Sand casting.

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Plaster mold casting

Plaster mold casting is a lost wax casting process similar to Silica Sol Lost Wax Casting, sand casting except the molding material is plaster instead of sand & Silica Sol, plaster is Most expensive of all. We use plaster mold casting when an excellent surface finish and good dimensional accuracy is required, the minimum cross-section is 0.6 mm (0.024 in). We use it for castings as small as 30 g (1 oz) to as large as 45 kg (99 lb).

We use it when we need an excellent surface finish and good dimensional accuracy, but it is the most expensive casting progress.

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Silica Sol Lost Wax Casting

Silica sol lost Wax casting process uses silica sol zircon sand as the molding material, which can stand temperature up to 2000 degree. This molding material is expensive,The silica sol investment castings have good dimensions (can be casting more larger sculpture than Plaster mold casting )  and surface quality.

Please visit this page for details about the Silica sol lost Wax casting process.

Sand casting

Sand casting process uses wet clay sand as the main molding material, which is cheap.Sand castings will have very rough surface,but can be casting very large sculpture. It is used if you need custom very large sculpture and Low requirements for surface quality

The mould material costs have caused very big difference on their casting prices. The sand casting is very cheap, Silica Sol Lost Wax Casting

is expensive, and Plaster mold casting is very expensive.

So,that we provided bronze casting service,what ever the metal can be brass. bronze & sliver,and other metals,the sculpture is small or large,We offer Plaster mold casting,Silica sol lost Wax casting process and Sand casting process different bronze casting progress.

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