If you want to customize a bronze sculpture, how to estimate the price? What will the bronze sculpture factory calculate the price according to?

Shenzhen Tianchan is a professional bronze sculpture manufacturer. After we get the customer's demand, we will measure the production cost according to the following aspects and give a reasonable quotation:

1, The size of the sculpture: the size of the sculpture determines the amount of copper and other material costs and production costs and the approximate range of labor;

2. Complexity of the bronze sculpture: the complexity of the bronze sculpture will determine the difficulty of  production, and the complex bronze sculpture will cost more time, materials and yield, which will affect the production price of the Bronze sculpture;

3. Material selection: the material used by the sculpture determines the material cost, whether it is brass or copper or bronze, the price of these different copper materials is not the same also determines the choice and difficulty of the process which in the production of labor and yield will determine the production price of the Buddha sculpture;

4, Bronze sculpture craft choice: Bronze sculpture final effect is to adapt, especially fire gilding, gold leaf gilding and patination, the price on artificial and material still differ big;

5. Production requirements: customers' requirements for the production of Buddha statues also determine the process difficulty and yield, thus determining the production cost.

6. Production cycle: the factory will give the delivery cycle according to the production schedule. If the customer is in a hurry, they will spend more finished products on some materials and production links, which will also affect the production price of  bronze sculpture.

The above 6 points will probably affect the price of your custom bronze sculpture.

bronze foundry product base

Tianchan focus on bronze sculpture production for 10 years, is a professional bronze foundry, has a unique precision casting process and senior production team, can according to customer demand wholesale categories complete copper paste gold, copper gilt, archaize copper.