China Tianchan Bronze  Sculpture  is Full Service Bronze Sculpture and Statues Foundry specializing in  bronze casting, we also cast brass,silver and other metals if required – please contact us for details if your project requires alternative metal casting.

 3D Design & MODELING

We can make limitless alterations, turn concepts or 2D sketches into 3D objects.

Enlarge and Reduce

High Resolutiong 3D scanner  and  3D printing can capture high levels of detail in original sculpture which can be enlarged or reduce any size.

Casting Techniques

We offer high quality custom bronze casting service in any size and style. We cast silicon bronze,brass in Plaster (gypsum mold) lost wax casting for small bronze sculpture & statues so the sculpture can be very precisiong , Silica Sol Lost Wax Casting sand casting techniques for large.

Patination & Gold Foil

Thermal Coloring  technology allows bronze sculptures in different colors . We are also skillful at patina, plating, painting, which are useful if you need more color options or special artistic effect.