Clay sculpting plays an important role even in this modern tech age. We work with professional sculptors to create the sculpture to any size & style you want.

If you have a good idea or 2D sketches(pictures) want custom bronze sculpture, Clay modeling is the first step, our professional sculptors can create the clay sculpture that you wanted, Then we can go the next bronze casting progress (3D design.scanning or original sculpture is ok, any way you must have an original sculpture)

lead artist

Lin Sheng was fond of sculpture when he was young. He studied sculpture with his uncle Lin Fengrong  (Fujian Arts and Crafts Master).

Since 1986, he has been in the art field for over 30 years. Because of his outstanding performance, he was rated as a senior technician and arts and crafts artist. They also awarded him was also  "Fujian folk arts and Crafts Master" by Fujian Arts and Crafts Society and "Fujian Arts and Crafts Master" by Fujian government.

Now Lin sheng is the Members of the Central Federation of Workers and Artists.

clay modeling

Bust Clay Models of man


Bust Clay Models of Women


Figrue Clay Models

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