what is Electroforming ?

It is called electroforming when an object is actually made by the electroplating process.Electroforming can be described as a manufacturing process based on the electrodeposition of a metal.and it is a gold technology in gold jewellery manufacturing.

We use Electroforming progress product Gold ornaments.  We made gold Sculpture by electroplating gold onto a wax sculpture and then dissolving away the wax by hot water, leaving just the hollow gold object. For practical reasons it would be massively expensive to electro form in pure gold, So Our Electroforming is done with copper first and then plated later with 24K Gold.

We provide full services for custom Electroforming Gold Sculptures:

  • Original sculpture (Clay sculpting or 3D design)
  • Molds
  • Wax Casting
  • Gold Electroforming
  • Copper electroforming
  • Electroforming silver

You may like to know about other sculpture services. Please click the link below:

Our Electroforming Works