What is the gold leaf gilding?

Gold leaf Gilding is the technology that covered wood, glass, and bronze sculptures with gold leaf. Sheets of gold leaf were carefully (gold leaf gilding was very thin) adhered to a clean metal surface and then burnished, permanently bonding the gold leaf to the metal.

gold leaf gilding puxian buddha statues

gold leaf gilding puxian buddha statues

Sculptors worldwide have been long applying gold gilding onto their sculptures. Egypt is one of the earliest to use this technique. In ancient China, sculptors gold gild on bronze sculptures such as Buddha. This made craftsman master the technique quite well because gold gilding is a way to express their respect toward Buddha. Japan is another country that master this technique fluently.

Tianchan Foundry, as a Full Service Bronze Sculpture and Statues Foundry, we provide professional gold leaf gilding & Bronze casting services.

We can gild:

  • Statues
  • Objects of art
  • Decorative ornaments and objects

Benefits of applying gold gilding onto sculptures.

  • Gold, with its luster, makes the sculpture looks really beautiful.
  • With proper finish treatment, gold gilding is highly anti-oxidation, so the sculpture can keep its luster over years.

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