We can trace the history of Chinese animal sculptures back to the early Neolithic period, and there are many types, including ceramic sculptures, stone sculptures, and some tooth and wood sculptures. For example, we have unearthed pottery pigs and sheep heads at the Peiligang Cultural Site in Henan, dating back about 7,000 years. Much talc-carved tiger, pig, dog, chicken, goose, eagle, cicada, bird, insect, fish, and other figures unearthed from the Donggou Houwa site in Liaoning have simple and vivid shapes. One bent, wide-mouthed, big-eyed, horned dragons is the earliest known stone carving dragon. Another example is the Hemudu site in Yuyao, Zhejiang, where animal figures such as pigs, sheep, fish, birds, and lizards carved from ceramic, teeth, and wood have also been unearthed. They are not large and have different forms of round sculpture, relief sculpture, and line carving. The tooth carving "Shuangfeng Chaoyang" is 16.6 cm long. In the middle part, it carves a set of concentric circles of varying sizes with a yin line. The outer edge has a pulsating light. The two birds symmetrically sculpt the two birds recalling each other to form a properly intact picture.

bronze pixiu statue pair fengshui-112 bronze chinese zodiac statues-11龙

Animal sculpture is a kind of plastic art. Refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay,.)or. engravable, engravable hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade block, agate, etc.)to create a visible, Touch the artistic image. Animal sculptures include multiple breeds, such as Wall Street cattle animal sculptures, lion animal sculptures, Pegasus animal sculptures, and bronze sculptures of sheep animal sculptures. Because animal sculpture in China originated from arts and crafts, most of the animal sculpture works are highly decorative and practical; attach great importance to the description of animal shapes, add color to statues, and combine plastic painting to make up for each other, making the works the same as painting Aesthetics and appreciation of value; attach importance to lifelike shapes and condensed language of animal sculptures to reflect high imagery beauty.

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