lead Artist

Lin Sheng was fond of sculpture when he was young. He studied sculpture with his uncle Lin Fengrong  (Fujian Arts and Crafts Master).

Since 1986, he has been in the art field for over 30 years. Because of his outstanding performance, he was rated as a senior technician and arts and crafts artist. They also awarded him was also  "Fujian folk arts and Crafts Master" by Fujian arts and Crafts Society and "Fujian arts and Crafts Master" by Fujian government.

And now Lin Sheng is the Members of the Central Federation of Workers and Artists, which is an authoritative association organization of the sculpture industry in china.


In 2014, his work Guanxiu Luohan won the gold medal of the 9th China (Putian) Straits crafts Expo, his works eight arm Guanyin and Maitreya Buddha won the gold medal and silver medal of the 16th China (National) arts and Crafts Master boutique Expo;

In May 2015, the work "Amitabha" won the gold medal of "Hundred Flowers Award" of Chinese arts and crafts in 2015;

In June 2015, his work Amitabha Buddha won the silver medal of China (Xianyou) rosewood art carving boutique Expo;

In November 2015, the work Guanyin Bodhisattva won the gold medal of the 2015 China Buddhist culture and art boutique exhibition;

In May 2016, the work "holding lotus Guanyin" won the gold medal of 2016 China Arts and crafts "Hundred Flowers Award"

Certificate of honor

Fujian Arts and Crafts Master;
Putian master of Arts and crafts;
Fujian folk craftsman;
Member of young and middle-aged talents, Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association


Bronze Laozi statue

Bronze Laozi Statue, height 26m

Yuanxuan Taoist temple,  Guangdong Province

Gilded bronze statue of Laozi

Gilded bronze statue of Laozi ,Height:38M

Laojunshan, Henan

Shakya Muni sitting buddhaclay sculpture

Shakya Muni clay sculpture

GOLD Metal of the third China traditional religious clay sculpture art competition,

gold leaf gilding puxian buddha statues

Gold leaf gilding puxian buddha statues

height :2.13m

female clay sculpture

Mrs wang shaoyun

height :80cm