What is the Patination?

Patination is the process by which the bronze sculpture develops a thin layer of oxidized metal on its surface. This thin layer is called the “patina,” and it can be formed intentionally (by using oxidizing chemicals) or unintentionally (by exposure to an oxidizing environment, such as polluted air).

It is possible to create a patina by exposing copper to the same chemical elements rather than waiting for the process to take place naturally.

We speed up the process by burning the surface of the bronze with a high-temperature gun, controlling the color you want by controlling different temperatures and times. Bronze sculpture can form many colors as it undergoes patination, including black, brown, red, and green, this process is also known as heat coloring copper, to known more detail about patination process please click Heat Coloring Copper page.

Our patination team can do different colors of bronze statue patina, brass patina, nature patina. We are also skillful at patina, Gold foil painting, which are useful if you need more color options or special artistic effects.

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