Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue 4″

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Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue 4″

This Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue Tibet, which is fully gold gilded. The manjushri statue is made of copper has well crafted and nicely polished.

Materials: COPPER
Method: lost wax casting, gilding
Weight: 400g


Copper Manjushri Statue Introduction

This Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue Tibet, which is fully gold gilded with 24k gold. The manjushri statue is made from lost wax method, as well crafted and nicely polished, height 10.5cm,made of pure copper.

The Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue Tibet is in classic pose wielding the sword of perfected wisdom over his right shoulder.The scripture held in his left on the lotus is the Prajnaparamita, representing his attainment of ultimate realization and enlightenment. Variations upon his traditional form as Manjusri include Guhya-Manjusri, Guhya-Manjuvajra, and Manjuswari, most of which are Tantric forms associated with Tibetan Buddhism. His left hand is in Jnana Mudra (teaching gesture).

Copper Manjushri Statue features

  • Made from Plaster mold casting, which creates an excellent surface finish and good dimensional accuracy.
  • This amitayus buddha statue is fully gilded with 24k gold.
  • Bronze Manjushri Statue is a perfect Home Office Feng Shui Varstu Religious Spiritual Decorative accent, which creates a peacefulness, harmony and spiritual ambience filled with positive energy around us.

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