Golden tibetan bronze amitabha buddha statue 8“

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Golden tibetan bronze amitabha buddha statue 8“

Statue Feature: gold face painted,gilting
Color: Golden
Size: H:8″ or 22cm,Customized Size


Golden tibetan amitabha buddha statue is made from Bronze Precision casting, height 8 inches or 22cm,gold face painted and full gold gilting, the statue has more Exquisite Details . The full gold gilt small bronze amitabha buddha statue looks very serene while he seated in lotus base and his hand holds the alms bowl.

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At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to custom casting This small amitabha buddha statue by brass or copper and the in bronze ,red,colorful,silver finish ,the size can be 3cm to 3m.

To Know about the detail what we can do please go to the service page

 Clich Lost Wax Casting Progress to more detail about Precision casting.

Amitabha Buddha is an important figure in Buddhist traditions. The venerable nature of an Amitabha statue is based on the thousands of lifetimes he spent as Bodhisattva named Dharmakara. As a result, he accumulated an infinite amount of merit and he acquired his own pure land called Sukhavati. To gain admission his followers only need to say his name or recite the Amitabha mantra 10 times. Once admitted, devotees will never be allowed to fall back into the vicissitudes of samsara and they will receive mentoring until they become enlightened beings.

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