Tibet wrathful Vajrapani statue Brass gilt 8″

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Tibet wrathful Vajrapani statue Brass gilt 8″

This Tibet wrathful Vajrapani statue is made of brass, well crafted and nicely polished, height 8 inches.The Vajrapani statue feature is fully gold gilded and hand face painted, Available for wholesale or custom.

Materials: Brass
Method: lost wax casting, gilding
Weight: 1.9kg


Vajrapani statue introduction

This Tibet wrathful Vajrapani statue is made of lost wax bronze casting. It has well crafted and nicely polish, height 8 inches. The Vajrapani statue feature is fully gold gilded and gold face painted.

Vajrapani known as the Vajra holders more typically shown in a wrathful form and known as  Guhyapati - 'the Lord of Secrets'. Our wrathful  Vajrapani brass statue is a form of standing buddha with a vajra held high in his right hand and a demon lasso in his left hand, five skulls on his crown which represent the death of negativity and the creation of sublime qualities.

Vajrapani–The Bodhisattva of Power
Vajrapani is an important bodhisattva who embodies the spiritual power of all the Buddhas. His name means “wielder of the thunderbolt” and he protects those who walk the Mahayana path, removing all inner, outer and secret obstacles from their practice. Enlightened aeons ago,  Vajrapani is said to have incarnated as one of Buddha Shakyamuni’s primary disciples. He is often depicted along with fellow disciples Manjushri (the embodiment of the Buddhas’ wisdom) and Avalokiteshvara (the embodiment of the Buddhas’ compassion). Together, these three bodhisattvas comprise the three factors of Buddha-nature and the three necessary ingredients for enlightenment. Vajrapani symbolizes fierce determination and unbending intent in the unrelenting battle against negativity.

Vajrapani statue features

  • Made from Plaster mold casting, create excellent surface finish and good dimensional accuracy.
  • Fully gilded and fine hand face painted.
  • Tibet wrathful Vajrapani statue is a perfect Home buddha Feng Shui decor, which creates a peacefulness, harmony and spiritual ambience filled with positive energy around us.
  • Provide fully customized service.

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How we start the order?

A: First we will offer the quotation to you. Second, we will offer the PI and payment information after you confirm the quotation. Then it is kind of you to arrange the deposit. We will manufacture the product after we receive the copy of payment remittance. After finish the products, we will take detailed pictures for your confirmation. Following, it is you that arrange the balance payment, then we deliver the goods

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