AS THE Full Service Bronze Sculpture and Statues Foundry we offer Clay sculpting, BRONZE CASTING,3D Design. Sculpture Enlarge & Reduce, Patination & Gold Foil services.

Bronze casting

We offer a high quality custom bronze casting service in lost wax casting progress . No matter your sculpture is a miniature or monumental size, the metal can be brass. bronze & sliver, and other metals if required—please contact us for details if your project requires alternative metal casting.

Please visit this page for details about the Bronze casting service.


Electroforming is a gold technology is in gold jewellery manufacturing, It is called electroforming when an object is actually made by the electroplating process, We use Electroforming progress product Gold ornaments.

Please visit this page for more detail about Electroforming service.

Enlarge and Reduce

Tianchan Bronze Foundry  provide the  sculpture enlargement and reduction services.Our High Resolutiong 3D scanner  and  3D printing can capture high levels of detail in original sculpture which can be enlarged or reduce any size.

Please visit this page for details about the Enlarge and Reduce service.

3D Design & Modeling

Tianchan Bronze foundry offer 3D Design & Modeling service .Digital  Rapid Prototype Design work make limitless alterations, turn concepts or 2D sketches into 3D objects.Please visit this page for details about the 3D Design & Modeling.

Please visit this page for details about the Enlarge and Reduce service.


Our patination team is capable of doing different colors on bronze. We are also skillful at patina,Gold foil, painting, which are useful if you need more color options or special artistic effect. Please visit patination service page to more detail.

Gold Leaf gilding

Gilding is the technology that covered wood, glass,bronze sculptures with gold leaf. Sheets of gold leaf were carefully (gold leaf gilding was very thin )adhered to a clean metal surface and then burnished, permanently bonding the gold leaf to the metal.

More about Golding service please visit Gold Leaf gilding service page.

Fire Gilding(Mercury Gilding)

Fire Gilding is also known as Mercury Gilding,  As the name implies, involved mixing pure gold together with liquid mercury to form a paste-like amalgam.  This gold-mercury amalgam was then brushed onto the surface of a silver, copper, brass or bronze object.When the object is then heated in an oven or over a fire, the mercury evaporates and leaves behind a thin coating of gold .

More about detail visit  Fire Gilding page