Project Description

Dangkang large machinery assembly stainless steel mold is based on the ancient Chinese beast dangkang as the prototype design of a god beast mechanical metal model play hand-made, dangkang mechanical model play through extreme design and subversive creativity to make the work have a sense of future through space. Star fighter dangkang not only has the rigorous appearance of wild boar, but also has the biggest feature that every part is disassembled and assembled, providing advanced level for assembly players Other fun to assemble.

Material: stainless steel, alloy

Specification: 800 * 250 * 501mm

Weight: 38kg


  • With Shanhaijing dangkang as the creative source, the ultimate design and subversive creativity
  • It has both 304 stainless steel metal punk style and alloy toughness texture
  • Precision CNC machining, high quality electroplated coating, bright surface like mirror, shining brilliance
  • Hundreds of parts are assembled to provide high-level assembly fun