Project Description

Star Warrior dangkang mechanical wild boar large assembly metal model is based on the ancient Chinese beast dangkang as the prototype design of a god beast mechanical model play hand-made, dangkang mechanical model play through the ultimate design and subversive creativity to provide you with high-level assembly fun, Star Warrior dangkang not only has the rigorous shape of wild boar, but also has the soul through the future, the biggest characteristic is each All parts are disassembled and assembled, which is a new favorite of mechanical playthings.

Starfighter Dangkang

Dangkang, also known as tooth porpoise, is one of the mythical beasts in ancient Chinese mythology and legend. It is a kind of auspicious animal with auspicious omen. Dangkang is a monster with the shape of a pig, six feet long and four feet high. It is blue all over, with two big ears, and four long teeth protruding from the mouth, like ivory. It is held outside.

EM metal model

  • EM is an innovative combination of new modern metal processing technology and art. Extreme metal model play, animation fashion model, sculpture and ornaments own IP culture brand.
  • EM has hundreds of patents, and every cool thing is an original work;
  • EM metal model has obvious mark of post-modern cyberpunk style;
  • Industrial machinery art style and Chinese traditional culture mix and match collision;
  • The smooth design of lines endows metal crafts with new artistic soul;

The collision of various mix and match art leads to the new trend of modern aesthetic art

Applicable scenarios

Home decoration, desk, wine cabinet, porch decoration, full of tonality, highlighting the master's high-quality aesthetic sentiment

Brand company, design company, new format company annual meeting, thanks for business gifts, unique, twice the result with half the effort

As a gift to relatives and friends, it can enhance emotion, and have a different kind of cool fun experience, which expresses full of heart and piety