Project Description

The Orc plan to enhance Orc Bronze bust made by precision casting of brass, which is vivid and lifelike. The color of the antique copper is from the inside, and the transition is natural. The bronze puppet provides different fun for the puppet model. The copper hand office is a new star in the besieged handicraft industry and is highly praised by the majority of players.

About us

Jucheng Bronze Foundry is a well-known bronze sculpture manufacturer in Guangdong Province. It can produce and process all kinds of animal bronze statue, figure sculptures, Fengshui household copper ornaments, especially good at small-scale copper carving. We are welcome to order customized puppet hand-made model ornaments with drawings and samples. We can produce cast brass, copper and bronze. Our copper hand-made model has the characteristics of high precision (depicting delicate muscle texture) and a variety of coloring methods, which can be customized for you.