Project Description

Porcupine metal mechanical model not only has the artistic beauty of metal punk style, but also has the traditional rigorous modeling. Porcupine metal model is a perfect combination of mechanical aesthetics and traditional culture and art. The head of porcupine is cast into traditional shape by alloy casting, and its limbs and interior are assembled by stainless steel precision parts cut by CNC precision cutting. We provide many porcupine hand-made models with color contrast style, wholesale or customized according to requirements.

The porcupine metal mechanical model not only has the precision of modern machining, but also has the artistic sense of traditional handicraft craftsmanship. It has the soul of going through the future and inherits the traditional rigorous body. It is a dazzling new star in the handicraft industry and a new favorite of players.

Material: stainless steel

Specification: 199 * 121 * 63MM

Color: silver head + aluminum gold + turbine black; bronze head + aluminum black + turbo gold; gold head + aluminum gold + turbo silver; Rose Gold + aluminum silver + turbo black, etc. can also be customized.