Project Description

The stainless steel horse assembly model has both the aesthetic feeling of metal punk and the cool fun of metal assembly. The ultimate design and subversive creativity become the new favorite of the mechanical party. The simple lines outline the elegant horse and make full use of the artistic beauty of stainless steel. The golden and silver mirrors show the beauty of light and shadow art in real time A subversive sense of art metal mold play.

EM metal model

EM is an innovative combination of new modern metal processing technology and art. Extreme metal Coldplay model play, animation fashion model, sculpture and ornaments own IP culture brand.

Each EM model play is an original work of mechanical artists, which not only has the precision of modern machining, but also has the artistic sense of traditional handicraft craftsmanship; EM mechanical model not only has the soul through the future, but also inherits the traditional rigorous body.

Material: stainless steel

Specification: 320 * 550 * 110mm

Weight: 2.6kg