Project Description

Tibetan Vishvavajra Green Tara Statue Brass plated gold,height 7 inches, Vishvavajra Green Tara Statue is one of a set of 21 Taras Statues made by China Tianchan Buddha statue factory.

Vishvavajra Green Tara Statue left hand is in the sharanamagana mudra also known as the gesture of giving refuge.  A crossed vajra emanates from her arm, the vajra is a symbol of discriminating awareness and represents a thunderbolt.

In the Tibetan  Buddhism, Tara is a beloved figure of compassion. Her wrathful energy is understood to serve others and to cut through to truth, in this form she is a protector and uses her energy wisely. Tara is one of the few female buddha statues of divinity that shows a full range of expression.

Vishvavajra Green Tara Statue Can be customized in bronze, red copper , Tianchan Buddha statue factory specializing in the production of  bronze Buddha statues,  custom-made  Tara Buddha Statue of  various sizes & best price.